Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The sprint involves members of TDL who have their own businesses and activities. It can make difficult to move forward effectively. However, we already managed to achieve some key milestones.

What have been done so far?
*  All the web services specifications are finished 
*  The prototypes are designed and finished too
*  The membership agreement and the services agreement between the PM and TDL are realized.
*  The model of the traceability files for the PM registration and the signature online are defined.

What it remains to do:
*  The implementation of the use case in TDL Community in order that it be set up for the memberships 2015.
*  The dissemination of results.
*  The creation of documentary accounts of the PM on TDL via Microsoft Azur 365 Plateform (after the PM have signed on line all the agreements).
*  Set up a legal archiving server.