Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A brief reminder concerning Trust in Digital Life
The Trust in Digital Life (TDL) community, formed by leading industry partners and institutes, considers trust as a priority prerequisite.  Trustworthy ICT solutions must become a commodity enforced by citizens and law. The Trust in Digital Life community has  capabilities  to  resolve  the  issues  and  will  research,  pilot  and  promote  innovative trustworthy ICT environments and technologies.
The Trust in Digital Life consortium (TDL) has been working since 2009 on the operational implementation of an industry driven ecosystem stimulating the development, promotion and acceptance of trustworthy ICT. We have since developed a strategic research and innovation agenda (SRA) for trustworthy ICT for Europe, which has been taken up by the European Commission. The agenda includes the promotion and support of short projects, SPRINTS, to validate proof of concepts of technology, interoperability and trustworthiness.
TDL Sprint Concept
According to the Program Director TDL, Arthur Leitjens:  ‘In these sprints, TDL members collaborate in small projects lasting months to plan, execute and disseminate the results. Because of the low barriers, the sprints make it easy for small and medium enterprises and knowledge institutes to collaborate with large enterprises.’[1]
The purpose of a sprint is to validate new, innovative and trustworthy ICT in very short project cycles of approximately 3 months with three project stages: sprint design, execution, and dissemination. After a sprint is completed, the results are immediately disseminated publicly to a broad audience. [2]
TrustSeed and TDL
TrustSeed, a small French company created in 2002, is publisher of digital exchange security software.  We promote a new generation of online signature in SaaS (Software as a Service), combining digital validation and trust services in "cloud computing" to guarantee for the corresponding parties the security, confidentiality, conformity and probative value of all their digital document management.

TrustSeed met some TDL members and learned about TDL activities during an EMMA conference held in Amsterdam in June 2013. Then TDL invited TrustSeed with observer status to the TDL Workgroup meeting in Budapest (on 11th and 12th September 2013).
TrustSeed has officially joined the community of ‘Trust in Digital Life’- TDL- this year.

During the TDL meetings, TrustSeed met different kind of interesting companies (as well as large companies, SMEs or knowledge institutes) working on innovative trustworthy ICT solutions.
Among others, we discuss with Microsoft and TDL board members to share our views and to understand how some objectives could be reached by a combination of our respective skills and knowledges.

Due the sprint competition, we are now working together on some issues regarding authentication, safety, automated and probative use of the e-Signature.

[1] Extract from ‘A pragmatic approach to stimulate economic growth and trustworthiness of ICT’, article written by Arthur Leitjens on 14th April 2014 and published on the official TDL Blog. Can be consulted on :

[2]  For more details on concept of sprints, please visit the following page: